Des Moines, IA

Parcels are waiting here for:

Minimum 0hr
Average 21hr
Maximum 4d 13hr

Approximate GPS coordinates:


Location geocoding can't be 100% accurate because it is performed automatically.


What statuses usually shown in this point and how often

  • The shipment has arrived at an interim service center.
  • The shipment is en route to an interim service center.
  • Service Exemption is processed by the XPO Logistics with exclusive discretion under the following circumstances:<br/> 1.When freight movement is significantly delayed due to acts of God, weather, or due to the intervention of a governmental authority, including when freight movement is delayed due to the closure of a road or highway on the scheduled route by federal, state or local authorities.<br/> 2. When Customs delays freight movement at border crossings. Exemption allowed only if the delay is 2 hours or more and is caused by Customs clearing the freight at the border-crossing point, assuming that the shipment arrived on-time at the border