USPS review by [email protected]

In early April I ordered 109 yards of elastic on Amazon through a third-party dealer. That party is in New Jersey and they mailed the package on the 11th of April. USPS started tracking it on the 12th of April. It moved around New Jersey after sitting in Cranbury New Jersey for about a week. It was then sent to New York! it moved around there for a while. Ultimately it was sent to Baltimore on Monday April 27th. It still isn't at my house and I can see Baltimore City over top of the Key Bridge. Where is this package? You wonder why USPS is losing money? This is why. I finished 44 masks for a place that is 1200 miles from Baltimore. I sent it UPS on Wednesday April 29th. It will be at its destination on May 4th. I wouldn't have sent it USPS for anything. USPS get your act together. You may think that taking almost a month to get something that is actually critically needed to its final destination is okay but it isn't. I have to nursing homes waiting for the masks that I'm making while I sit here and I'm angry because you can't get the elastic to me. This is outrageous. Your supply line is flawed.

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