USPS review by Michelle Miller

Tracking number 9505515407830107236771 I’m trying to understand (COVID and all...I work for a hospital) how it took 7 days for a simple priority envelope to go from Mount Vernon, NY to Owego, NY. Expected delivery was 3 days earlier. In the tracking detail the envelope literally sat in outer space between Mount Vernon and White Plains for 3 days (4/17-20) on its way to Stamford CT for some odd reason. Then went past it’s destination to Rochester, NY which took 2 days from CT for some peculiar reason before finally making it to Owego, NY! It was my mother’s 73rd birthday and she’s quarantined home/unable to leave like most while both her daughters work in hospitals every day and her son is a cop - so none of us could be with her. Thanks for wasting my money on priority on putting another dent in a day that she was likely feeling all alone when she should have been surrounded by her family!

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