USPS review by Linda

First problem I sent my sister a package to Anchorage Alaska priority mail. Four weeks later she had not received her package and they said it was still in transit. I could not even give a complaint without requesting paperwork online and having it mailed to me ... Then I sent cards to my grandsons and 10 days later I received them back saying they were undeliverable there was no such address. They have lived in this house for five years. I took them to the post office they had not even canceled out the stamps. I put them in one envelope and mailed them back and asked if I could reuse those stamps and they said no I asked if I could have my money back and they said no. This time I sent them in a priority mail envelope and they were received within two days. 9$ Later they received their two valentine cards in the mail . Funny how this time the exact same address was deliverable .Only the post office can get away with something like this

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