USPS review by Carol Jones

It is a beautiful Sunday afternoon, not a cloud in the sky. I have been waiting patiently for a package from Amazon with today as the delivery date. The windows are all open and my 2 large dogs are keeping watch. Suddenly I notice an email on my phone from the usps. States they attempted to unsuccessfully deliver my package at 1450, due to inaccessibility of my house/driveway. First of all, no USPS vehicle ever came by my house. Had an attempt been made, my dogs would have definitely let me know, had I happened to miss it. Secondly, when I tried to track the package, the number wouldn't track, and thirdly, this same scenario played out a few months ago. Last time, I spent several hours, at 2 different post offices, trying to locate my package only to be told it was on a truck to be returned to Amazon (OMG, it was a paperback book that fit in my mailbox). Again, I was at home with my dogs, waiting for the package). If they won't or don't want to deliver on a Sunday, just say so, DON'T LIE about it. I am unable to get to the post office tomorrow because I am in isolation with the Corona virus. I am very disappointed in the USPS.

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