Parcels are waiting here for:

Minimum 0hr
Average 3d 23hr
Maximum 1427d 13hr

Approximate GPS coordinates:


Location geocoding can't be 100% accurate because it is performed automatically.


What statuses usually shown in this point and how often

  • Departed
  • Arrived
USPS rating
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USPS review by Maaz


Cheap service i order the sample on 15 september 2022 from USA i pay fast delivery charges butt i can not delivered my sample now so all of you guyz please i suggest use fedex service this is the most best and wonderfull service thank you

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USPS review by Andy Horacio romero JR


Rude and disrespectful CSR’s cant never get a straight answer from any of your employees my package can’t be delivered yet and its been in my city for the past 4 days

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USPS review by Analiza VEQUEZO


When you delivered my parcel is already here in Lebanon

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USPS review by Ibrahim


You said my package delivered in my box mail from 6 days and nothing's inside it

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USPS review by Chika


Is been 131days my package is still on transit, i really don't know what to say anymore because have been sending messages to usps office, but still no solution or the where about of my package.poor services

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USPS review by Eric


Why are y'all holding on to my package since Friday 7/15 today is 7/19 still no package ?????? Why y'all hold my package isn't it a federal crime to steal mail so why you steal my mail ??????

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