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Is there anyone who does not really know anything about USPS, who has not ever heard of this postal carrier? Some do love their services for low prices and the ability to deliver to any corner of the country, while others complain about low delivery speed, especially for international parcels and misdeliveries. But since USPS USA is the only national postal carrier, at times you cannot avoid using their delivery services, so here’s a piece of basic information about how to use them.


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  • How to send USPS mail?

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    In order to send domestic or international packages or letters, you can go to post office or use USPS mail box for self-services. If you want to skip the part where you have to visit local facility, and would like to dispatch a box of envelope yourself, use this link to register your mail for delivery and create a label for it prior to dispatch. With USPS postal service available online at carrier’s official website, you can book your delivery and schedule pickup for your parcel or post it using collection mailbox.

  • How to track USPS parcel?

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    After your item was dispatched by the sender either at their local PO or using self-service mailbox, as most of deliveries, your USPS parcel can be tracked online to follow its progress. You can use carrier’s official website or app in order to search for information, subscribe for tracking updates by creating paid account at company’s website, or use our tracking app on your computer or portable device to get your USPS package status without registration and for free. You simply enter your tracking number into the input field, click the one button, and receive the most recent status update the carrier provided for your parcel.

  • How to contact USPS customer service?

    If any problem arises during the delivery process, that requires your attention or involvement, you can get in touch with USPS customer service and receive qualified help from company’s representatives. You can cal 1-800-275-8777 to be connected with an automated answering machine that will guide you through a series of options to direct you to the operator that can help solve your problem.

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