Whistler, AL, US

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Average 12hr
Maximum 20d 3hr

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  • Out For Delivery Today

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UPS review by Ralph


14 days have passed since my return and the package is listed in the same place for 10 days lousy service

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UPS review by Mike Church


Overnite package still hasn’t arrived!

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UPS review by Dean


Terrible tracking service. Have to wonder what happened to UPS. Used to be a great company with great service....those days are gone.

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UPS review by Ufuoma


Terrible bunch. I sent a parcel from nigeria to UK 5th and it’s 19th of September yet nothing. After paying a lot of money what rubbish.

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UPS review by Lina


Used to be good delivery company but in the last years has been become truly shocking. Another parcel that was coming from US (taking already a month!) was ‘delivered’ by UPS to a local shop instead of home as specified on purchase order, no slip, no info provided, no updates on app/email/phone. Called numerous times their Cust Services, completely useless. Cannot neither track the package nor refund the money. 6 weeks on still waiting. I wish there was an option not to use them when buying stuff from retailers!

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UPS review by Cruz


My package is lost

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