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One of the worldwide-popular courier companies UPS is well-known for their timely deliveries, wide network of facilities both in the US and in other countries, and fairly considerable prices. You can always choose suitable one from the range of services that differ in prices, duration and conditions of delivery. Fortunately, with UPS number of services provided allows you to balance the urgency of your international or domestic mail with the best possible delivery costs.

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  • How to contact UPS USA?

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    If you have the need to communicate with company’s customer support regarding your delivery, partnership for your small business or in fact any other question you might have, you can call UPS USA customer care line on 1-800-742-5877 for domestic customers, 1-866-782-7892 for international services, or visit your nearest company’s location. In case you want to get in touch with customer support center in other country, visit UPS Official page and choose your country or region to access online UPS shipping services, and local customer support center.

  • How to follow UPS delivery?

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    For most kinds of deliveries you can follow their progress online to be able to manage your time around delivery date, or schedule delivery for convenient day. You can use company’s official website, mobile app or third-party tracing applications to keep an eye on your UPS delivery during the whole process. Your parcel would receive a unique id number when the sender register it for delivery, and after the shipping label is created, company will provide updates about the most important events during delivery process up until your local UPS courier brings the package to delivery address or drops it at the pickup point near you.

  • What do I use UPS website for?

    Much like with any other modern postal company, this carrier provides most of the crucial information about their services at their official website. You can choose the type of delivery and register your parcel for dispatch online. Also, if you sign up for a personal account at UPS website, you can manage your deliveries, provide delivery instructions and change recipient address. You can find there all the contact information for your local customer care center, or use the locator to find your nearest and most convenient pickup or dropoff UPS facility.

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UPS review by Ralph


14 days have passed since my return and the package is listed in the same place for 10 days lousy service

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UPS review by Mike Church


Overnite package still hasn’t arrived!

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UPS review by Dean


Terrible tracking service. Have to wonder what happened to UPS. Used to be a great company with great service....those days are gone.

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UPS review by Ufuoma


Terrible bunch. I sent a parcel from nigeria to UK 5th and it’s 19th of September yet nothing. After paying a lot of money what rubbish.

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UPS review by Lina


Used to be good delivery company but in the last years has been become truly shocking. Another parcel that was coming from US (taking already a month!) was ‘delivered’ by UPS to a local shop instead of home as specified on purchase order, no slip, no info provided, no updates on app/email/phone. Called numerous times their Cust Services, completely useless. Cannot neither track the package nor refund the money. 6 weeks on still waiting. I wish there was an option not to use them when buying stuff from retailers!

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UPS review by Cruz


My package is lost

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