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Having your goods in hands of postal companies can be quite unnerving at times. It is exactly in those situations when TNT tracking can prove itself useful by making you sure that delivery is progressing smoothly. You can track all of your international and local deliveries on our website without any registration required. There are several things to remember when you are tracking your parcel. TNT package tracking always requires a valid tracking number. Information on your delivery would mostly not be updated daily, only when your parcel reaches certain check-points along its way.

  • How is TNT Australia tracking done?

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    tnt package tracking

    For both international and local deliveries tracking can be done equally easily. There are three main steps to TNT Australia tracking:

    • step 1

      visit using your computer or any portable device;

    • step 2

      enter your parcel number to input line on top of the page and click on the button next to it;

    • step 3

      show a little patience while your results are being prepared for display.

    You’ll be able to see the most recent status update for your parcel or downloading the full TNT tracking history for your parcel.

  • Have a problem with TNT parcel tracking?

    In case your delivery status was not updated for a long time, or it indicates any particular problem with the parcel, it is best to get in touch with the carrier company to make sure they do all things possible to help you with TNT parcel tracking or delivery itself. You can find out more about the ways to get in touch with your local customer support at

  • Where do I register for TNT post tracking?

    In case your tracking results indicate, that the number you’ve entered was not yet registered in the database, do not hurry yourself to find any registration form on our website. We do not require any other information than your parcel number in order to provide you TNT post tracking. Such tracking status means that your parcel was sent very recently and company employees have not yet entered any information about your parcel into the database.

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