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One of the most well-established UK postal companies, Royal Mail provides the whole scope of useful services for customers, including convenient Royal Mail tracking. This is the easiest way to define parcel location no matter where you are: clients can sleep soundly knowing that their packages are impossible to miss. Let’s find out how the process of tracking is organized in Royal Mail, how international packages are tracked, and how to make your search more efficient.

  • How does Royal Mail parcel tracking work?

    royal mail international tracking

    royal mail tracking international

    Royal Mail parcel tracking makes the process of finding a parcel pretty easy and takes a few quick steps:

    • Step 1

      Open the website and find the tracking section.

    • Step 2

      Enter the tracking number and press “Track”. You can track only one parcel for each time.

    • Step 3

      You will see the current location of parcel, delivery status, and due date for each parcel. The tool displays all essential data about shipments.

    Alternatively, you can locate your delivery using Royal Mail tracking service in the personal account on Royal Mail official website. It allows managing delivery and have 24/7 access to the shipping information, including current status, possible delays, deadlines, and requests to customer support when a package is missing or damaged.

  • Where to find Royal Mail tracking number?

    Instead of opening your personal account and finding the order in the list of your shipments, you can easily locate package without registration using Royal Mail tracking number. Where to find it? This number is actually impossible to lose because you can find such data in:

    • Email notification sent to your inbox once the delivery order is registered, and the parcel is dispatched. This letter is generated automatically and sent immediately.
    • If you send a parcel to someone, the tracking number will be specified in the corresponding documents you receive in Royal Mail office.
    • If you have a mobile app, you can check Royal Mail tracking number in the personal account. At the same time, the account can be accessed via the desktop website.

    If all of the above-mentioned options are not suitable for you, there are two more ways of obtaining the number. You can either call customer support, or visit a Royal Mail office personally. Competent assistants will help you locate the parcel and solve any other issues.

  • How Royal Mail international tracking is organized?

    In fact, Royal Mail international tracking does not differ from the regular parcel tracking. You can also locate a parcel using the online tool or your personal account. However, you should mind a few things:

    • The format of the international reference tracking number differs from the local one.
    • It takes more time to deliver international packages, so due dates might be violated because of any circumstances. If your parcel gets missed, don’t hesitate to contact the customer support.
    • When international delivery is handled by third-party carriers, Royal Mail tracking service might update the information about items’ location with delays.

    Please note that international tracking gets more time for shipping status updates. In case of any issues and questions, contact the customer support.

    There are a few more details you should be aware of:

    • Delivery in Europe takes 3-5 days, worldwide delivery – 5-7 days;
    • Undelivered items are the subject to free returns;
    • The compensation cover for deliveries is £150.

    Royal Mail makes parcel tracking a very fast and flawless process by providing all necessary tools and easy access to the personal account. Managing deliveries has never been so simple.

Royal Mail tracking
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