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Established in 1990 this Indonesian carrier provides a variety of services all across the country and internationally. JNE tracking is a relatively new feature that allows you to follow the movement of your parcel or freight while it is delivered to destination. It as quite as useful for businesses that order logistics services from the company. So, if you’re waiting for an urgent delivery, try JNE regular tracking. You can also track deliveries if the sender chose not to send them as regular, but instead ordered any other delivery option.

  • How do I go about tracking paket JNE?

    Using our website, you can track all your deliveries in simple steps:

    • Step 1

      Have your tracking number ready;

    • Step 2

      Visit k2track.in using your laptop or mobile device;

    • Step 3

      Enter your number for tracking paket JNE;

    • Step 4

      Wait patiently until your results are downloaded from the database, processed and displayed on the screen.

    It usually takes no longer than a minute and can be successfully done by anyone no matter if you’ve tried tracking parcels ever before.

  • What is JNE tracking number?

    jne tracking number

    jne reg tracking

    When a parcel or freight is dispatched by the sender, it is registered in company’s database under a certain code, which can be used to monitor and control the delivery process. This code is JNE tracking number. It helps to handle parcels at sorting facilities, move freight in the correct direction, and also – register basic information about the completed delivery stages. When you track your parcel, you use this code to get all the information about the route, your parcel has covered, from company’s database. JNE tracking can only be done if you have a valid tracking number for your delivery. No other information like name, address or phone number, can be used to access the information.

  • JNE online tracking not working?

    There are several ways to resolve problems with your parcel tracking. Most efficient would be to contact company’s customer support at [email protected] or (62-21) 5086 8880. They can help you to resolve most issues with JNE online tracking or with the delivery process itself so that you can receive your parcel sooner.

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