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Everyone often needs to receive or send items. Regardless of the product that needs to be sent to a particular country, it is important to provide customers with the quality service. DPD UK has been working in the field of delivering packages all over the world for several years.

The company offers a full range of transport and logistics services to both legal and private persons. This delivery service provides quality execution of orders and other related facilities. The special feature of the company is the optimization of all procedures, from production to delivery. In its activities, DPD UK uses innovative technologies and extensive network of cargo transportation.

  • Door-to-door delivery with DPD courier

    One of the main advantages of using the service is the ability to order the door-to-door delivery. Packages executed through the transport and logistics center will be delivered safe and sound to the destination and handed over to the addressee.

    The DPD courier service works as efficiently as the delivery of the cargo itself. To send or receive a package, it is enough to indicate the addressee/sender, take a special tracking number and wait for the receipt.

    The DPD delivery service operates in many countries around the world. Transportation of cargo and packages is carried out in different ways, either by air or ground.

    The company offers several types of delivery:

    • DPD Classic;
    • Air Classic;
    • DPD Express;
    • DPD Direct.

    The client chooses a convenient way to transport his package within his country or abroad.

  • How to use My DPD

    dpd courier

    dpd shipping

    For convenient usage of the service, customers can register on the official DPD site and create their personal accounts.

    To do this, go to by following this link My DPD, create a username and a password. In the future, you will be able to enter the system by confirming the registered data.

    However, if you don’t want to constantly enter your username and password for login, it is better to let the system remember the information. For this, check the "Remember my username" box.

  • Benefits of the DPD shipping

    Cooperation with the DPD company opens up a lot of advantages for clients. In particular, the benefits of the DPD shipping include:

    • the company has integrated distribution and warehouse IT-systems, using which it is possible to track and manage deliveries;
    • constant verification of transactions of sending and receiving packages and cargo;
    • experienced team of employees who are ready to answer customers’ questions and advise on delivery issues at any time;
    • Choosing the DPD Post, customers are guaranteed to receive their valuable cargo and packages!
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