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DHL review by ouina


comment ma commande a été livrer et que je n'ai pas encore reçu ma commande ? c du vole ou quoi mon article est en algerie les saline annaba depuis le 03/08/2022 et jusqu'a maintenant j'ai rien reçu je suis vraiment déçu

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DHL review by Hannah


Never got my package, There is pretty much no costumer service and they didn’t provide any updates on my package, if I could give zero stars I would

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DHL review by Jeffrey


Never again I'll send something thru this company. Definitely no recommend

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DHL review by Sammy


My package was delivered to another address now im the one who got catfished, dhl responded

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DHL review by Irina


doesn't work well!!!

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DHL review by Richard Cunningham


I have had great service from DHL and have never needed to contact them with a problem until now.. I set up a 3 parcel pick up in UK to be delivered to USA but I put in the wrong pick up date as 2nd August 2022 instead of August 3rd. Impossible to reschedule-had to resubmit everything and have paid twice over. Impossible to reach anybody by phone - all numbers unreachable - an absolute nightmare. To deal online, they require a 10 digit shipping number and the UK shipment numbers which are 14 digit cannot be used for identification purposes. I followed their Whatsapp instructions. Another dead end. What a nightmare. Hours wasted and close to GBP 400 paid twice. I could not be more upset with them for their lack of availability, ,

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