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China Post Tracking

china post parcel tracking

China Post tracking is one of the most convenient services provided by the company. It allows checking the delivery status no matter where you are in the most convenient way. This guide explains how to find the necessary parcel – all types and peculiarities of tracking are described in detail.

  • How to perform China Post shipment tracking?

    china post shipment tracking

    china post office tracking

    Like any other well-developed state postal company, Chinese official post provides all advanced method of parcel management. How exactly China Post shipment tracking is performed?

    • The easiest way is to visit official tracking website. Once you visit the main page, you can enter the tracking code and press ‘Enter’. The information about delivery status and due date will be displayed instantly.
    • Alternatively, you can visit the official China Post website and register there. In your personal cabinet, you should proceed to the account and find ‘Deliveries’ section. Aside from China Post mail tracking service, you can access the full information about it parcels and manage packages on their way.
    • Also, tracking can be performed via third-party services. All you need is the tracking number. No authorization is required.

    Also, there is China Post app available in Google Play – it provides access to the personal account and allows finding a delivery with the help of code.

  • Where to find China Post parcel tracking number?

    You can find China Post parcel tracking number in several resources. Firstly, the code is always included in the confirmation email sent after parcel dispatch (messages with updates of delivery status will be sent regularly). Secondly, the number is always written on the corresponding documents – those can be provided in a China Post office where the parcel is packed. Besides, the code can be obtained in the personal account accessed via both app and website.

    If you have problems finding the China Post tracking number, visit the nearest official location – the staff will help with finding a delivery.

  • China Post international tracking

    When it comes to shipping around the world, the dates can be different: as a rule, it takes 14-21 days to have the parcel delivered depending on the country of destination. Delays are possible, especially during the holidays. In this case, customers are notified via email or other means. China Post international tracking is available via the same methods as mentioned above.

China Post tracking
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