Parcels are waiting here for:

Minimum 0hr
Average 1d 15hr
Maximum 36d 22hr

Approximate GPS coordinates:


Location geocoding can't be 100% accurate because it is performed automatically.


What statuses usually shown in this point and how often

  • Item accepted at the Post Office
  • Item out for delivery
  • Item processed

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Canada Post rating
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Canada Post review by Varun


Worst ever delivery service...i suggest no one to use this reckless services update at customer support...they don't understand how important and how much urgent that was.

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Canada Post review by Kamila Bracka


Parcel sat at hub in Richmond for days. No updates, no delivery date. Are they all have Covid at the same time every time I order something and get it sent via Canada Post?? Parcel sent by Pony Express would arrive sooner...0 stars.

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Canada Post review by Michael


My parcel post shipment has been in transit from Stony Creek, Ontario to Burlington, Ontario for 13 days - I have tried to get answers as to status of the and when my shipment will be delivered - no one in the Canada Post has been able to tell where my shipment is and when it will be delivered. The package contains a returned item and my refund is on hold pending the delivery of the package. 13 days intransit from Stony Creek to Burlington is ridiculous.

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Canada Post review by Ioan Neagoe


I sending from Chicago on May 14. The package still in Mississauga by May 19. We need in Aurora! When...

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Canada Post review by Josie


Terrible service. Sent item from st catharines to Etobicoke & can post sent this by way of Ottawa????WHY???

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Canada Post review by Kamila Twilley


Why is there no udates on the shipping in general? It shows you where the parcel is on a date you go online. They should be telling customers to purchase a crystal ball. So we all could tell in what hub the parcels wil get stuck for days...

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