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australia post tracking

australian post tracking

Our story begins, as these stories often do, with a young, up-and-coming postal company. It all began with Isaac Nichols, the first Postmaster and English ex-convict. He took the post operating from his own home and provided mail service for Sydney residents. The more Australian colonies were established, the more Postmasters were appointed outside Sydney. Eventually, these separate colonies launched a special project called Universal Postal Union. At first, it was responsible for postal mail, telegraph and domestic telephone lines. However, several decades later, its ancestor deals with international and domestic parcel deliveries and thanks to advanced technologies even introduced Australia Post parcel tracking service.

  • Australia Post current history

    Though, the popularity of this governmental postal enterprise in recent years suffered significant losses, it still remains the main carrier company in the country, delivering 2.6 billion items a year. Not only are they operating 4,379 domestic Post offices, they also deliver parcels to over 190 different countries. By assigning each item a unique tracking number Australia Post keeps track of every single parcel or letter, sent with this company.

    tracking australia post

    tracking australia post

    Not only do they deliver your mail, the company is also involved in a number of social projects, charity, environmental programs. They also launch educational programs to increase knowledge about mailing process. For example, the recent program for kids was designed to teach them the correct letter writing structure, composing the letter and addressing the envelope by writing and sending letter to Santa. To teach kids the basics about tracking parcel Australia Post even introduced special Santa Mail tracker. For those, who think that this is all the flagrant misuse of taxpayer’s money, the carrier claims to be completely self-funded; they don’t receiving any taxpayer funding.

    So if you’ve decided to support the national postal company and are frequently using their services, our site can come in handy. offers you to trace your domestic and international deliveries using your Australia Post tracking number.

  • Who are we? is an independent website, striving to provide you the way to track any kind of mail, sent with the most popular courier companies in the world. We made our site to be fast, mobile-friendly and low on traffic, to make sure that you can use our services at any time, from any device, and get the most accurate information about the current progress of your sendings. So, if you’re searching for Australia Post tracking international, don’t go any further, you’ve reached just the right webpage.

    In order to successfully track your parcel, you should proceed through the following steps:

    • step 1

      Check your parcel number;

    • step 2

      Enter the number in required field;

    • step 3

      Click on “track” button;

    • step 3

      Check the current location and status of your parcel.

  • Unsuccessful tracking and how to deal with it

    When it comes to problems with tracking process, it usually happens if you skip the first step of abovementioned. So we’d like to give a brief advice on how to check Australia Post tracking number in order to save your time and nerves.

    If you are sender, it’s easy: you can find your parcel number on the receipt you got while posting the item over the counter at a Post Office. If you are a receiver, you can contact the sender and ask for a copy of the mentioned receipt. In case, the sender provided your email address while dispatching the parcel, you’ll receive an email with your tracking number from the company. When it comes to Australia Post domestic tracking your parcel number would usually consist of 14 digits. For international mail the number usually looks like RA123456789AU.

    The other common reason for not being able to track your package is that the parcel was sent less than 3 business days ago and the information about it was not yet uploaded to the database. If you’ve got parcel, coming to you from overseas, which was sent via national postal carrier of foreign country, Aus Post will be responsible for its delivery in Australia. But even though with Australia Post tracking international registered mail is possible regardless of the country of origin, if your parcel did not yet cross the border and was not registered at customs, you’ll not be able to find any info about it in company’s database. is constantly working on becoming the best tracking service you can find online, but there are still things we are unable to help you with. So if during tracking you found out about any problem with delivery process, do not hesitate to contact carrier’s customer support at their official website, on the phone, or at local PO. They will advise the most effective way to deal with each specific situation.

    But in case you’re looking for the best Australia Post mail tracking service, our site is always at your command!

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Australia Post review by Robert Reitano


I do not understand how a parcel can be processed in Victoria on Monday and arrive in Brisbane (Qld - Redbank processing facility) on Tuesday and redirected to Pinkenba processing facility which is 38 minutes away and still not be processed for delivery on the Friday of the same week. What the heck is Australia Post Qld doing with our parcel deliveries? This is just not good enough!

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Australia Post review by Rockey


I need help about my parcel Dilvery after 21 July no update in status please help me out to find the parcel

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Australia Post review by Gena Louise


Nothing awesome about this service… pay for express and two weeks later still has not arrived… useless is Australia Post OOO Stars

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Australia Post review by Michelle Pettigrew


Have been tracking a parcel from Adelaide to Ontario, Canada. The last update said it was at the local post office in the suburb of Ontario that was 10 days ago. Nothing since Where is it????

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Australia Post review by Angela


My passport is stuck in North Melbourne post office and from there it has to go to William street post office... it's been there since 10th June and I've an international flight to catch on 28th June.. me calling the customer service and going to the post office (william street) personally hasn't helped a bit..Yeah got a customer number only to be told to contact them after 1st July... THANK YOU AUSTRALIA POST.. I'm nervous, anxious, low mood, desperate, sad.... and I live just around the block.

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Australia Post review by Robert young


I put my tracking number in and it tell me it cannot find it can someone please tell me why

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