India Post short tips.

We are glad to represent you the Indian national carrier - India Post. It provides not only the inside-country postal option, but using their services you can send a parcel to any country in the world. Their low prices are the additional bonus - you can be sure that you’ll get high-quality service without any overpricing.

Toll-free customer support no 1924
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India post phone number 1800-11-2011

India Post status description

Receive item from customer (Otb)

- means that the parcel was accepted from the individual or company. This is the first step - after this the whole delivery process starts. While sending the item you should be very attentive and check all the data you provide - final address, receiver’s full name.

Receive item at sorting centre (Inb)

- in this case, your item arrived at the transit postal office. The sorting process starts there. It helps to determine the correct route for the package and make the whole delivery process faster.

Send item out of sorting centre (Inb)

– the sorting is completed for this parcel. Package was prescribed with the correct route and now your parcel is moving to the next point.

Send item to domestic location (Inb)

- means that the cargo is on route to the city, where delivery will be provided. If you received this status, you should know that delivery comes to an end and you will get the parcel soon.

Transfer from office of exchange (Inb)

- only the international packages can get this status. In this case, your item successfully cleared the customs and dispatched to local office.

Send item to customs (Otb)

- item arrived at customs office. It’s compliance to the postal rules will be checked there. While sending you should remember that some items are prohibited for dispatch. Every country has its own customs rules but some things are unacceptable for all countries. Those are:
  • money,
  • important documents (including passport),
  • dangerous substances (flammable liquids or other chemicals),
  • weapons,
  • perishables etc.

Return item from customs (Otb)

- your parcel did not pass the customs clearance. It means that it contained prohibited things. Now it will be returned back to sender. Before sending an international parcel, you should familiarize with the customs rules in both countries and make sure that content does not contradict these rules.

Send item abroad (EDI-received), Air

- the package left the country of origin. Now it is being delivered using the air vehicle, usually plain. Thanks to it, the speed of the whole process is increasing. Also, the destination country carrier received electronic information about this parcel - the route, size and other specifications.

Receive item at collection point for pick-up (Inb)

- means that the parcel arrived to the local postal office in your city. Now you can get it on your own or just wait till the postman delivers it to you. In case you decided to collect it by yourself, you should contact India post on 1800-11-2011 and inform the company about your decision. This will help to prevent any misunderstanding.

Receive item at delivery office (Inb)

- your package has arrived to the final point. Now there’s only one step left - the postal staff has to prepare the item for delivery. Usually it takes no longer than 2 days - you can expect delivery soon.

Send item out for physical delivery (Inb)

- in this case, the postal department handed this parcel over to the postman to finish the delivery. The courier will deliver the parcel to recipient at the destination address.

Deliver item (Inb)

- it means that India post successfully deliver this package to its addressee. If you want to obtain a proof of delivery, you should contact India post

Item delivered

- means the same as previous indian post tracking status - the receiver got the parcel to their hand.

Hold item at point of delivery (Inb)

- means that the receiver decided to get this parcel later. Now the item is on hold at local postal office and can be picked up at every moment. You can contact the addressee and find out why they decided to change the delivery time.

Unsuccessful item delivery attempt (Inb)

- when the postman brought the parcel to the destination place, no one was available, that’s why the delivery could not be finished. In this case, the delivery will be rescheduled to the next day. You also can contact India post on 1800-11-2011 and choose the suitable time to deliver this item to you.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

India Post international parcel tracking - how can I do it?

To track your parcel you should just follow these easy steps:
  1. Fill in the field above with your tracking number.
  2. Check if it is correct and all the symbols are present.
  3. Press “Track It’ button.
  4. Review the results that show your parcel’s movement.

How India Post number lookup?

The tracking number appearance depends on the parcels type. The most frequent are listed below:
  • Speed Post (EMS) Domestic - EE00000000IN
  • International EMS Articles to be delivered in India - AA000000000BB (BB is the country code, where the parcel was sent. For example, CN - is China, IN - India, etc.)
  • Registered Mail - RX000000000IN
  • Express Parcel Post - XX111111111XX (XX is the country code).
  • Electronic Money Order (eMO) - 000000000000000000
    • Why is my parcel delayed?

      The amount of reasons, which can cause a delay in a delivery process, is huge. The most common of them are:
      • for international parcels the possible reason for delay is the time, spent for customs clearance. Usually, customs check each item before handing it to local postal company. Because the number of parcels, going through customs is enormous, it takes some time.
      • the item was misrouted and some time is required for the address correction.
      In all cases to find out the exact reason and to speed up this process you should contact the carrier (you can do it here ).

      How can I change the delivery address?

      If you faced the situation where you need to change the destination address for your parcel, you or the sender should contact India Post at 1924 and provide a new info on the delivery place. Don’t forget to tell your tracking number and all the required data about the parcel.

      What should I do, if India post lost my parcel?

      Sometimes you can face the situation where the parcel is moving for too long (usually, more than 30 days). Most probably it means that the package was lost. In this case, the sender or the recipient should fill in a special form that will initiate the searching process. To do this, you should go to the carrier’s local office, get the form and fill it in with all the necessary info. Don’t forget to take your passport and a postal receipt with you.

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