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DTDC is a well-known Indian courier company with 27 years of history in parcel deliveries. Company name, DTDC, stands for "Door to door courier service." And it's not just an abbreviation, but the company’s strategy. You can always be sure that by using their services, you will get the highest-quality delivery for every parcel, regardless of its size, route or the mail class. You can find some useful info regarding dtdc helpline below.

DTDC customer care contact info:

South Delhi branch phone no 011-33004444;
North Delhi contact no 011-33004444;
Mumbai branch phone 022-33004444;
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Common DTDC tracking status

booked at facility

means that your item wasn’t sent yet. The sender contacted the courier and pre-ordered delivery. After this they got the tracking number and booking, where all the info about the cargo, such as: weight, size, delivery address, and the recipient’s data (name, surname, address, etc.) are indicated. The delivery process will start only when the sender brings this cargo to the DTDC branch physically. You should contact the person, who is sending you this cargo, and specify the exact date when they are planning to dispatch the item.

received at hub

this parcel during the delivery process arrived at the transit courier’s office. You can find out its exact location from tracking info. The next step is sorting process at this facility. The primary purpose of sorting is designating the correct logistics route to the parcel. When the sorting is finished, the delivery process will continue, and you’ll see the cargo’s movement.

processed forwarded from/to facility

your item was processed successfully and sent to the next check-point. Now your parcel is en route to the sorting center, mentioned in the dtdc tracking result, it will make the next short stop there.

out for delivery

it means that your item arrived at the final delivery point. Now it is transmitted to the delivery guy at your city. Your item will be delivered to you short after it reaches local branch office. Usually, when you see this status in dtdc tracking details, you can expect your cargo in 1-2 days.

successfully delivered

congratulations! The parcel was finally delivered to the correct address and person. It is now in the caring hands of its new owner.


the courier tried to deliver this package to you, but something has gone wrong. The possible reason is that no one was at home when the deliveryman came to your place. The second delivery attempt will be made on the next working day. If you want to pick up this parcel by yourself, you should go to the local DTDC facility, where it is stored. Before this, you should use the dtdc customer care no (you can find it here) and notify, that you want to get the parcel at office.

not delivered

unfortunately, the courier could not deliver the parcel to you. The most probable causes for this are:
  • the address for delivery was incorrect, for example there might be a mistake in the name of city, street or the person, who was marked as the receiver.
  • the receiver moved from delivery address and does not reside there anymore.
For both cases, the best solution will be to contact DTDC courier and correct the address according to the new info about the whither.


means that your parcel was returned to origin. Your cargo now is en route back to its sender. The possible reasons are:
  • the destination address or the receiver’s data was entirely incorrect. It made the final delivery impossible, and the courier decided to send the parcel back to origin.
  • The sender changed their mind and decided to get this parcel back. They contacted DTDC and asked to return the item back. You should ask the person, who sent you this package, why they decided to do this.
  • for the worldwide delivery, the parcel’s content was forbidden for shipping by the customs rules in the final country.

DRS copy

it means as same as “proof of delivery’. This is a document which confirms that the delivery process was successfully finished. It includes all the receiver’s data, and is signed by them personally during the delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to track dtdc courier consignment?

To get the tracking results online, you should follow these easy steps:
  1. Find your tracking number. If you are the sender, you get it while sending the item at a courier’s branch. If you are the receiver - you should contact the person, who sent you this cargo, and they should tell you the parcel’s number.
  2. Specify the name of the company, which is delivering this item. Please, note that on this page one can trace only the DTDC parcels.
  3. Enter your consignment number in the field above.
  4. Press “Track it” button.
  5. Check your parcel’s whereabouts!

How does dtdc tracking number look like?

Usually, it includes 1 letter and 8 numbers. For example, A18745367, B38265473, Z02956387 etc.

My dtdc parcel lost or not delivered, what should I do?

In case you are waiting for your item longer than it was promised, you can solve that problem simply. The best solution is to contact the courier company in your region or city (if there’s an office located near you). Remember, that only the DTDC can find the correct reason for this delay and offer you a way to solve this situation. To familiarize the branch list, you should follow this link

How can I request dtdc address change?

Sometimes we come across different situations, and some of them can make the recipient change their lodging. In this case, all the parcels addressed to them should be redirected. To be sure that your cargo will surely be delivered to the correct place, you need to notify the courier about your movement. To do this, you should use the contact form

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