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We’re glad to see you on our tracking page, devoted to a famous carrier - Blue Dart. It is a part of DHL group in India - a giant of international shipping business. We’ve collected a little bit of information which can be useful for every customer. If you have any issue concerning your mail or want to find out your up-to-date blue dart tracking details - you can do it right here!

Official website
Full list of contact centers
Blue Dart 24 hrs customer care number 1860 233 1234 (working also for Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai)

Blue Dart delivery status definition

Shipment picked up

- the package was successfully accepted at the office from the addresser and is being made ready for future shipping. Now it has an appointed tracking number & personalized route.

Shipment Arrived at Hub

- your mail has arrived at the transitional branch. While being there, a parcel will be subjected to the sorting process. This step is necessary because it helps to determine the optimal route, which reduces the shipping time. Sorting sets all the service points which will be visited by the parcel on the way. Usually, it increases the quality of delivery and helps to avoid a lot of mistakes that can cause delay.

Shipment Further Connected

- the sorting was completed. Now your item is moving to the next postal office, and it’s getting closer to destination.

Delivery On Next Business Day

- only one step left before you get the long-awaited mail. If you see this blue dart tracking status, you can be sure that you will get the package on the next day. In case of a day-off, you can expect it on the first working day. Also, this status can be displayed, if unsuccessful delivery attempt was made before, but no one was available.

Shipment Out For Delivery

- means that the parcel is at whither and had been loaded to a couriers car for local delivery. Usually, you can receive mail on the same day you see this message.

Customer Requested Future Delivery Hal

- Blue Dart notified addressee, that item arrives at the city. For some reason the person, who is designated as the receiver, decide to change the delivery time. You can contact them and specify the reason for this.

Out For Delivery - Details Awaited

- Blue Dart needs a specific info according to the recipient's address. It’ll help to finish this delivery. You should use blue dart contact no 1860 233 1234 and provide required data. It can be the exact route to your home, the working hours of your building, the floor, etc.

Shipment Delivered

- everything is ok - receiver got this item personally.

Delivery Attempted-Premises Closed

- the courier guy arrived at the final address, but the recipient was not available - nobody answered or opened the door to receive the mail. You can wait for it on the next day or call toll free 1860 2331234, and choose the suitable time.

Returned To Origin At Shipper'S Request

- the sender decided to get the package back. They contacted the mailing company & initiated the redelivery process. Now the parcel is moving back to the place it was sent from. If you are the receiver - try to contact the mailer and ask why they changed their mind and got the cargo back.

Undelivered Shipment Held At Location

- all the attempts to get this parcel delivered failed. Now parcel is stored at local Blue Dart branch. To get it delivered or collected by recipient, you should contact your local office (you can find their phone number & address here) and arrange new delivery.

Consignee'S Address Unlocatable/Landmark Needed

- despite all the attempts, courier can’t locate the exact place, where receiver lives. You should call on blue dart toll free phone 1860 2331234 and provide more specific data on how to find your house.

Contact Customer Service

- something went wrong. The exact reason for this and the way to solve can be known by contacting the carrier. You can do it here

Network Delay, Will Impact Timely Delivery

- Blue Dart company has some issues with the vehicle. Usually, it means that the plane arrived in delay or the car broke down during delivery - courier needs a little bit of time to fix this problem. At this moment they are changing the logistics route. It may cause delay in the delivery process.

Shipment Redirected On Same Awb

- at this case, the carrier has changed the internal tracking number for domestic needs. Do not worry - your parcel is ok and is moving on the previous conditions, tracking number also stays the same .

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I find out my Blue Dart transit time?

When one is expecting the parcel to arrive, they’ll want to find out, how long it will take for the parcel to arrive. That’s why company offers a tool that would help to make your waiting easier - an online calculator, which provides an estimated delivery time for your parcel! You can find it here

How to arrange blue dart address change for the parcel?

If you’ve faced a situation where you need to change the delivery address during the delivery process, we can offer you an easy way to do it. First of all, you should choose the place, this package shall be delivered to. Then - you should contact the courier and inform them about your decision.

How can I find out the blue dart working days in India?

Regardless of whether you’re sending or receiving the parcel, you always have to know the couriers working hours. Luckily, you can find it out in one easy step - just contact the Blue Dart at 1860 233 1234. You should tell your nearest branch name or address, and you’ll get the exact working hours in a couple of seconds!

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