We are glad to welcome you at k2track.in. This website is a great powerful tool, which provides a tracking ability for every person. We’ve collected the most popular Indian carriers, such as India Post, Blue Dart, DTDC and other. Nowadays you don’t need to puzzle over your parcel - you can find out its exact location just in a few seconds. To do it, you need just a couple things - a working device and the Internet connection.

A few words about carriers

Every person, who is shopping online, knows that the web tracking is the beneficial thing. You can find out all parcels whereabouts and other info about your item. The powerful technologies, which carriers use in the delivery process, allowed to send the notifications to customers in an automatic way. You don’t need to spend your time in courier’s office - just check your package online. Also, this tool will be useful to those people, who are trading online. It helps to make this process much easier - you can control all the necessary info on your own. Only one thing you need to do - keep the postal receipt, where is indicated the parcel’s data and tracking number, and notify the receiver, that the parcel is already sent.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Despite the high-quality service, provided by the delivery companies, sometimes there are situations, which need the client's participation to get the solution. We’ve collected the most actual of them, and also added the solutions to them.

How to track parcel?

This option is quite easy. You don’t need to do any extra actions, just follow this algorithm:

  1. Find out the exact tracking number. If you are the sender - you will get it at the postal office while sending this item. Usually, it prints at the postal receipt. If you are the receiver - you should contact the addresser and ask him about the package number.
  2. Specify the exact carrier name. The sender can also provide this data. Usually, you can choose the preferred company.
  3. Choose your courier in the left field.
  4. Enter the tracking number into the specialized field.
  5. Press “Track it”
  6. Wait for a second, while we generate your results.
  7. Review your parcel’s whereabouts.

What is tracking number?

This is a unique code, which company gives to every registered item. Using it, the carrier adds all the items into the database. This number contains all the info about your parcel - its route, address, sizes, etc. When you are entering it while tracking, you can be sure that you get the data about exactly your parcel.

I can't track my package, what to do?

If you entered the number, but didn’t get any data, try to do next actions:

  1. Check your internet connection. Because the tracking system works, using the Internet, without it you can’t get any result.
  2. Carefully check all the entered information. The number should contain all the symbols.
  3. Be sure, that you’ve chosen the correct carrier.
  4. Wait for a while. All the processes, including the parcel’s registration at the database, need time.
  5. Better than all, you should start tracking the item after a couple of hours after sending.

    Why you should use k2track.in?

    If you are using our website not for the first time, you know, why we are the best:) If you find us firstly - we are glad to tell you a few words about our benefits:

    • We take care of our visitors. That’s why we’ve created the definitions to every tracking statuses. You do not need to puzzle out the specific postal terms - everything is easy and understandable.
    • Always ready to help. We collected the FAQ and the solutions to it. That’s why if you faced any difficulties - faster than all, you could find the answer here.
    • Instant development. We are not only updating our FAQ. We strive to become the best in our sphere. That’s why we search and add different tools, which can make the tracking process more comfortable to you. You also can be involved in this process - we listen to every person!

    Hope that you enjoy our website usage!

    Sincerely yours, k2track.in team.